JURA Father’s Day Promotion

Eligible Models

15558 GIGA 10 Diamond Black (INTA)
15395 GIGA 6 Aluminium (AUA)
15360 Z10 Aluminium White (INTA)
15423 Z10 Diamond Black (INTA)
15556 J8 Midnight Silver (INTA)
15443 S8 Chrome (INTA)
15372 E8 Piano Black (INTA)
15490 E8 Piano White (INTA)
15498 E8 Dark Inox (INTA)
15520 ENA 8 Full Nordic White (AUA)
15526 ENA 8 Full Metropolitan Black (AUA)
15280 ENA 8 Nordic White
15467 E6 Platinum (INTC)
15342 E6 Platinum
15607 ENA 4 Full Metropolitan Black (AUB)

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Eligible Products

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