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Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator Bonus Cash Back Up To $300

20th October 2017
Fisher & Paykel Bonus cash Back Up To $300
• Purchase an eligible Fisher & Paykel refrigerator from a participating retailer and be eligible to receive
a cash back of up to $300 depending on the model of refrigerator purchased.
• Promotion period is for purchases between 28 September 2017 – 31 January 2018.
• Redemptions close 30 April 2018.

  • 402L Bottom Mount Refrigerators$100
E402BLE4, E402BLX4, E402BLXFD4, E402BRE4, E402BRX4, E402BRXFD4, E402BLXFD5, E402BRXFD5, RF402BLYX6, RF402BRYW6, RF402BLYW6, RF402BRYX6
  • 442L Bottom Mount Refrigerators$125
E442BLE5, E442BLX5, E442BLXFD4, E442BLXFD5, E442BRE5, E442BRWFD4, E442BRWFD5, E442BRX5, E442BRXFD4, E442BRXFD5, E442BRXFDU4, E442BRXFDU5, E442BRXFDJ5, E442BLXFDJ5, RF442BRPW6, RF442BRPX6, RF442BLPW6, RF442BLPX6, RF442BLGX6, RF442BRGW6, RF442BRGX6, RF442BLGW6
  • 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerators$150
E522BLE4, E522BLE5, E522BLX5, E522BLXFD5, E522BLXFDU5, E522BRE4, E522BRE5, E522BRWFD4, E522BRWFD5, E522BRX4, E522BRX5, E522BRXFD4, E522BRXFD5, E522BRXFDU5, RF522WDLUX4, RF522WDLUX5, RF522WDLX4, RF522WDLX5, RF522WDRUX4, RF522WDRUX5, RF522WDRX4, RF522WDRX5, RF522WDRUX1, RF522BRPX6, E522BRXFDJ5, E522BLXFDJ5, RF522BLPX6, RF522BRPW6, RF522BLPW6, RF522BRGX6, RF522BLGX6, RF522BLGW6, RF522BRGW6
  • 519L French Door Refrigerators$250
  • 600L+ French Door Refrigerators$300
RF610ADUSX4, RF610ADUSX5, RF610ADW4, RF610ADW5, RF610ADX4, RF610ADX5, RF610ADJX5

Further details, including the Terms & Conditions and FAQs for this promotion can be found on the Fisher & Paykel website at
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Thank you so much for all the help I received when buying my new washing machine & dryer, the information provided & service given were fantastic! The installation & take away of my old ones was trouble free as well. Thanks again!

Cooper, Birchgrove NSW

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